Published & Accepted Papers



[1] Profits, Scale Economies, and the Gains from Trade and Industrial Policy

(American Economic Review, October 2023 - with V. Lugovskyy)

[Abstract] [published version] [online appendix] [slides]


[2] Can Trade Taxes be a Major Source of Government Revenue?

(Journal of the European Economic Association, October 2021, lead article)

[Abstract] [published version] [Slides] [replication files]


[3] The Cost of a Global Tariff War: A Sufficient Statistics Approach

(Journal of International Economics, July 2021)

[Abstract] [published version] [slides] [replication files] [online appendix]


[4] Weight-Based Quality Specialization

(Journal of International Economics, November 2020)

[Abstract] [published version]


[5] Discrete Trade

(Journal of International Economics, September 2020)

[Abstract] [published version] [replication files]


[6] Within-Industry Specialization and Global Market Power

(American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, February 2020)

[Abstract] [published version] [replication files]


Working Papers



[1] Can Trade Policy Mitigate Climate Change?

(revise & resubmit Econometrica - with F. Farrokhi)

[Abstract] [slides]


[2] Trade and Technology Adoption in Distorted Economies

(accepted Journal of International Economics - with F. Farrokhi & H. Pellegrina)

[Abstract] [slides]


[3] Who Pays for Markups in a Global Economy?

(new version coming soon – with S. Ding & V. Lugovskyy)

[Abstract] [slides]


[4] The Cost of Dissolving the WTO: The Role of Global Value Chains

(last version: April 2020 - with M. Beshkar)

[Abstract] [slides]


[5] Interdependence of Trade Policies in General Equilibrium

(last version: June 2020 - with M. Beshkar)

[Abstract] [slides]


Work in Progress



[1] The Climate Cost of Trade Agreements(with F. Farrokhi)

[2] Non-Parametric Markup Correction(with J. Bernstein & H. Firooz)